Where can I find the Stamp Cards?

The Standard and Premium Stamp Cards are currently only available on wwechampions.com.
2. Login to your WWE Champions account
3. Select the yellow Stamp Card icon on the bottom left of your screen. This will prompt the Standard and Premium Stamp Cards.

How does the Stamp Card work?

There are two Stamp Cards currently available on wwechampions.com.

Standard Stamp Card

The Standard Stamp Card is available on wwechampions.com. Logging into your wwechampions.com account daily will unlock a prize each day while the Stamp Card is active.

Stamp Card Expiration
Each Standard Stamp Card has an expiration, as indicated by the timer on the top right of the Stamp Card. Make sure to login each day before the Stamp Card expires to claim all of your free daily prizes.

Unlocking Prizes
Each day, a free claim prize is unlocked by logging in and claiming this from the Standard Stamp Card. To find out when your next Prize will be unlocked, there is a timer above the Prizes that indicates when this will be unlocked.

Grand Prize
To unlock the Grand Prize, make sure to login to wwechampions.com each day! Unlocking and claiming all of the free daily prizes will unlock the Grand Prize.

Premium Stamp Card

The Premium Stamp Card is available on wwechampions.com. Logging into your wwechampions.com and completing the minimum task requirement for each prize will unlock each prize while the Stamp Card is active.

Similar to the Standard Stamp Card, the Premium Stamp Card has an expiration timer on the top right to indicate how much time the Stamp Card has left before the Web Portal refreshes with a new Stamp Card.

Can I redeem the past Standard Stamp Card prizes if I miss a day of logging in?

No. The prizes will not unlock if you miss a day to login. If you forget to claim your prize for a previous day, but you were logged into your wwechampions.com account, your prize will still be available to be claimed on the Stamp Card.

How do I unlock all of the prizes for the Premium Stamp Card?

The Premium Stamp Card does not unlock prizes based on login like the Standard Stamp Card. The Premium Stamp Card's prizes can be unlocked by completing each Prize's task requirement. Each Prize must be unlocked in sequential order in order to unlock the Grand Prize for completing the Premium Stamp Card.