What do I earn if I win the Grand Tournament?  
The prizes will vary each Grand Tournament so make sure to check the WWE Champions blog for the latest details.

How does Pick’em work?
Players will receive at least one Pick’em Token during the Grand Tournament and may be given additional Tokens. You can also gain more Pick’em Tokens through the Store Offers page. To use a Pick’em, you select the Competitor you believe will win the Match during the preparation phase (prior to the Match starting). An incorrect Pick earns you some Web Coins and a correct Pick earns you some Rubies. Exact amounts may vary each Grand Tournament. You can see the details of the rewards on the Match-up screen.

Can I choose myself in Pick the Winner?
No, you will be unable to Pick yourself in Matches where you are a Competitor in.

Can I Pick the Winner in Qualification Matches?
No, you are only able to pick the winner in Tournament rounds.