How do you calculate my score?  
A Competitor’s score consists of their Match score plus a score boost from Favors. Supporters can give a Competitor a Favor (represented by a flame icon) both prior to and during a Match. The Competitor with the most Favors when the Match ends earns a pre-determined scoring boost. For the inaugural Grand Tournament, that scoring boost is 5%. The Favor count for a Competitor resets between rounds and after the Grand Tournament ends.

There is no score boost during the Qualification Round.

How long does it take for my score to update?
Please allow up to 5 minutes for the brackets/leaderboards to be refreshed.

How do Favors work?
Registered players on who are not competing in the Grand Tournament, will receive a limited amount of Favors (flame icon) that can be sent to Competitors who are currently competing, to contribute to their Match scores.

How impactful are Favors to a player’s total score?
The Competitor in a Match with the most Favors gains a 5% scoring bonus to their game score. If Competitors have an equal number of Favors, then neither receives the scoring bonus. The number of Favors a Competitor has resets each round.

Can I purchase more Favors?
Yes, Favors can be purchased with Web Coins. Just click on the + next to the Favors in your Inventory.

Do my Favors carry onto future Tournaments?
No, Favors reset after each Grand Tournament.