What is a Grand Tournament?
WWE Champions' Grand Tournament is a competitive mode where the top players compete in head-to-head Matches to get the highest scores in a single-elimination knockout format. The WWE Champions Community can follow along by picking winners, favoring Competitors, and watching video streams of Matches. Competitors will battle for the chance to be named Grand Champion and earn some amazing rewards. But viewers can also earn rewards, including Rubies and Web Coins.

How do I enter the Grand Tournament?
In order to participate in the Grand Tournament, you must be League Level 6+ and qualify via the Qualification Round in-game. But don’t worry, if you fail to qualify you can still find plenty to do on wwechampions.com for the duration of the Grand Tournament. View the bracket, pick winners, support your Favorites, and learn the secrets to other players’ successes, all with ample opportunities to earn rewards!

When does the Grand Tournament start?
The first Grand Tournament will begin on November 18, 2021.

How long do I have to complete a Grand Tournament match?
Players have 24 hours to complete their Match in each round.

Can competitors do Pick’ems on their own matches or Favor themselves?
No. Competitors are not able to pick themselves or their Competitors. They also can’t give Favors in a Match where they are a participant.