Reported in-game issues typically resolve within a reasonable time after they are detected, however at times it may require additional time to a resolution for a bug or technical issue.
See below for the known issues currently being investigated by our developers. This list is updated in real-time, and known issues will be added and removed as they are discovered and resolved.
To report an issue or bug that you do not see listed here, please submit an in-app support ticket and let our Support team know.

Trial Superstar is Missing (03/15/2023)

Description: After the reset, the Trial Superstar Iyo Sky should be available in the roster. However, she is not. Players also can't play the Superstar Trial Tour.
Status: We are already investigating the issue.
UPDATE: Issue fixed! The Trial Superstar should be available now. Try reloading the game if it still doesn't.


No Contest Bonus Superstars in Icons of Wrestlemania Tour - Ends Friday (03/13/2023)

Description: When the tour came up after reset, there are no Contest Superstars on the Tour. This is not intended. It's intended to have 3 Contest Bonus Superstars.
Status: We are now working on a fix.
UPDATE: Issue fixed! All Contest Bonus Superstars should show now.


Server Error In Node 2 (Tag Team) of Hard Mode in Icons of Wrestlemania Tour - Ends Friday (03/13/2023)

Description: Players may get a Server Errors in the Node 2 (tag team IOW Bella and Cena) Hard Mode of Icons of Wrestlemania Women's Division - Ends Friday. This happens when the tag switches to John Cena IOW
Status: Issue has been reported and we are now investigating.
UPDATE: Issue fixed! You should not get server errors in that node when the opponent tags.


Missing Coin & Evo Contest (03/13/2023)

Description: No Coin & Evo Contest came up after the reset today (3/13 7PM UTC). 
Status: We are already aware and are working on fixing the issue.
UPDATE 1: Coin & Evo RBE is up now! Points that should have been earned while the Contest was missing will be reimbursed. An in-game message was sent regarding this.
UPDATE 2: The "reimbursement" mention in the in-game message was already sent to players. The points were directly added to their progress in the Contest.


Visual Issue in Offers (Included Cash) (03/13/2023)

DescriptionThere are two offers ($9.99 and $99.99) where visuals of Cash were used instead of the intended Coins. However, if you tap inside, you can see the correct visuals which is 10M and 100M Coins.
Information: This is just a visual issue and is intended to be coins. The correct contents of the offer show up when tapping on the offer. 


Did Not Receive Strap from Faction Contest Leaderboard After Claim (03/12/2023)

DescriptionPlayers who claimed the Leaderboard Reward from "The Giant of Wrestlemania Faction Contest" that included a strap are claiming that they did not receive it.
Information: The Ultimate Strap received went straight to your inventory upon claiming. It just did not appear as a new strap.


Not Getting Contest Bonus Rewards in Hall of Gold Contest Tours (03/09/2023)

Description: Players reported that they are not getting the contest bonus rewards in Hall of Gold Contest Tours.
Status: We are currently investigating the issue.
UPDATE: Issue is now fixed. For those who did not receive Contest points as Contest bonus, We will send the points directly to your progress in the Contest.


Unable to Claim Web Spend Leaderboard Rewards (03/08/2023)

DescriptionPlayers who ranked in the Web Spend Leaderboard are unable to claim the rewards because the claim button is not working. When they press "Claim All', nothing happens.
Status: We're looking into it.
UPDATE: Issue fixed! Button should be working now and rewards can be claimed.


Missing Task for Using Coins in Kickoff Talent Up (03/06/2023)

DescriptionThe Kickoff Tour does not have a task that counts Coins used into points.
Status: The task should be available starting 1pm PST, and points will be reimbursed for Coins spent during the first hour of the Competition. An in-game message was also sent about this.


New Backstage Pass - Bonus Free Claim (03/06/2023)

Description: Backstage Pass previously included 7 Backstage Pass Bonus Claim bags upon purchase
Information: The new Backstage Pass now includes a Loot Coin, 1-2  Backstage  Pass Bonus Bags , and some extra reward(s). This Bonus needs to be claimed daily.


Missing Feud Shard Chest Reward from Faction Feud RBE Leaderboard (03/06/2023)

DescriptionPlayers got a pop up to claim the Feud Shard Chest from the Faction Feud RBE Leaderboard when the contest ended. However, there are no Feud Shard Chest in their inventory.
The Feud Shard Chest was set to auto-open upon claim. What you received should have went straight to your Inventory.


No Contest Bonus in Feud for Using Any Riddle (03/05/2023)

DescriptionAs per blog, they may use "Any Riddle" to earn 250,000 points (4/4). However, in-game, it only shows a blank picture and he does not show as a Contest Bonus Superstar.
Status: This is just a displau issue with the icon and using Riddle should still earn the bonus points.

UPDATE:  The icon has been fixed and you
should now see the corrected Contest Superstar requirement.


Missing Bonus Reward for February Fiesta Weekly Collector's Packs (03/03/2023)

DescriptionPlayers who completed the weekly purchases of the February Fiesta Weekly Collector's Pack are not able to receive the Week 5 bonus reward (Feud Steps).
Status: We are already aware and are looking into it.
UPDATE: Fixed! Bonus should show up now.


Missing Points in Web Spend Event (The Brutal Warrior) (03/03/2023)

DescriptionThe Web Spend Event was delayed so some players who made purchases before it was up may not have counted/received points.
Status: Web Spend event is now up.
Whatever points you may have missed will be automatically credited later.
UPDATE: Missing points are sent now to those who made purchases in the first 28 minutes when the Web Spend Event was not up.