Reported in-game issues typically resolve within a reasonable time after they are detected, however at times it may require additional time to a resolution for a bug or technical issue.

See below for the known issues currently being investigated by our developers. This list is updated in real-time, and known issues will be added and removed as they are discovered and resolved.

To report an issue or bug that you do not see listed here, please submit an in-app support ticket and let our Support team know.

Carmella Loot Shards

The blog currently states that the minimum Shards that are acquired from 40-pulls is 50 Carmella Shards. The blog has incorrect information and the minimum Shards for Carmella is 25 for 40-pulls. We apologize for the inconvenience.

8/1/2022 - 8/2/2022 Stamp Cards

The Stamp Cards have been temporarily removed from the Web Portal as of 8/2/2022. The Stamp Card will be reinstated on 8/3/2022 at 12PM PST.

Standard Stamp Card: Players who were unable to claim Prize 2 due to the timer lock, we will be adding additional reward quantities to another Stamp as a replacement for the missing Prize 2.

Premium Stamp Card:
1. Premium Stamp Card - Day 1: Players who met the minimum Stamp purchase requirement on Day 1 / Prize 1 and had processed additional transactions to acquire additional Stamps such as Prize 2, we will not be providing the Prize 2. This will need to be acquired with an additional purchase.
2a.  Premium Stamp Card - Day 2 (Part 1): Players who spent the minimum Day 2 / Prize 2 requirements will be compensated. As Prize 2 was not unlocking, we will be sending this as a reimbursement directly to players who met this Stamp requirement. Compensation will be provided.
2b. Premium Stamp Card - Day 2 (Part 2): To preserve fairness and provide the opportunity for everyone to get their bonus rewards, we will be adding both Premium Day 2 Prize 2 as free claims. One Stamp reward will be available as a free claim on one Premium Stamp Card, and the 2nd Stamp reward will be available as a free claim under "Special Offers". Anyone who was part of #2a's issue above will be able to get these Stamp rewards twice.

Missing Shards from your Roster

Issue Status:  Ongoing investigation.

Missing Purple TP from the Heatwave Give-A-Wave Pack

Issue Description:
Players are missing the 500 Purple TP from the said pack above.

Issue Status: The team is currently investigating this issue and working to have the missing TPs credited to all the affected players.

Missing TPs

Issue Status:  The team is also investigating this and working to have the missing TPs credited to all the affected players.

Incorrect Tiers for Otis "Alpha Academy" and Chad Gable "Alpha Academy"

Issue Status: The team already corrected the Tiers for these superstars.

Health Display

Issue Description:
Players experiencing "random" low or zero HP in their Roster (this is a display issue). Start a regular match with that Superstar and their HP should show as full.
Issue Status:
Our developers are aware of this bug and are working to have this resolved.

Increased HP Recovery Rate

Enjoy a Limited-Time only HP Regen for Superstars that are not injured. They will be fully recovered and back in the ring after max 30 Minutes of Cooldown. Spend fewer Health Packs over time or wait a little bit, whatever suits you.

The increased Recovery Rate is planned to stay active until 1/24.

See "Health Display" topic above.