Web Portal Account Login

There are two ways to login to your account on the Web Portal:
1. Link your in-game account to Scopely
2. Link your in-game account to your Facebook account

By linking your in-game account to Facebook or Scopely, you are ensuring that you can login to the Web Portal and your account can be easily recovered if you use a new device.

I linked my in-game account to Facebook / Scopely and I'm still having issues logging in to the Web Portal

If you are logged out of Facebook or Scopely on your mobile game, you will not be able to login to the Web Portal. Follow these steps to secure your account links:
1. Re-attempt login with Facebook on your mobile account
2. You will be met with a prompt which will ask you to select the account you would like to link
3. Select your current account that is on your device. Do not select the new, empty account that is tied to Facebook on the Web Portal.