Only upgrade your VIP Passes after you have updated to the newest version.

VIP Passes + Pass Tiers:

VIP Passes will range from our original Champions Club Pass, now known as the King of Kings Pass (which includes Triple H “King of Kings”), to our all new VIP Passes: the "DX" Army Pass and "DX" Elite Pass. Each VIP Pass type has their own benefits! You can choose to become a member of whatever combination of Passes you’d like, at one time.

Let’s break down what you get from each VIP Pass:

King of Kings Pass $9.99/month

Our original VIP Champions Club Pass includes access to 2-Star Silver Triple H “King of Kings”. Our classic VIP Pass (with the original rate offered at $2.99 per week) will now be offered at $9.99 per month. If you currently have a King of Kings Pass, you can continue at the rate you originally signed up at, or change your VIP Pass to monthly by going to the Membership tab of the Store.  Any changes will begin at the start of the next billing cycle. Special Notations:
  • On iOS, current King of Kings Pass holders can easily keep their benefits when switching to the monthly offer in-game. Once switched from weekly to monthly, the total cost will reflect in their account immediately.
  • On Android, players can switch from their weekly King of Kings Pass to the monthly offer by first canceling their Pass in Google Play and then re-join with that offer.  Your Triple H “King of Kings” and those specific benefits will be usable once you have re-joined. An easier system to switch from Weekly to Monthly within the Android version of the game will come at a future date.

"DX" Army Pass $19.99/month

Includes a 2-Star Gold “"DX"” Shawn Michaels, access to Exclusive "DX" Army Tour, "DX" Vault, and more!
“DX” Shawn Michaels is a Chaotic Technician with a focus on Break Gems and big damage. His trainer ability is ‘Matching Purple Gems Charge Purple Moves by 1 more Move Points (MP)’.
    • 2-Star Gold “"DX"” Shawn Michaels
    • Weekly 3-Star Token Case (worth 5,000 in-game Cash value per month)
    • 70 Daily "DX" Vault Coins
    • VIP Loot Boxes
    • Access to the Champions Club VIP Room in-game

"DX" Elite Pass: $49.99/month Includes a 3-Star Bronze "DX" Triple H, access to Exclusive "DX" Elite Blitz, "DX" Vault, and more!

"DX" Triple H, is an Aggressive Technician with a focus on Multiply Gems and recycling. His Trainer ability is ‘Matching Green Gems Charge Green Moves by 1 more Move Points(MP)’.
    • Weekly 4-Star Token Case worth 18000 in-game Cash value per month
    • 150 Daily "DX" Vault Coins
    • 15 Gold Autoclear Tickets a week
    • +2 loot boxes after every match (in addition to those granted by your VIP level)
    • Access to the Champions Club VIP Room in-game