What are Limited Time Events?
These new types of events will be based on completing specific Objectives. Completing these Objectives will earn you points towards your or your Faction’s total score. Achieving Milestone Scores, similar to Versus Fame Milestones, grants the associated Milestone Rewards.
How do I score points?
Each event will have Objectives specific to that event. Check out the specific Objectives of each event in the Event Details screen. The points you score will go towards rewards in two categories:
  • Milestone Rewards
    • These rewards will be unlocked as you reach a certain point score during the event
    • Uncollected rewards are mailed at the end of the event
  • Leaderboard Rewards
    • These rewards will be given at the end of the event and be based on your final score or your Faction’s final score in the event
As with Faction Feuds, score earned during a Faction event is immediately applied to Faction score and is not portable. Leaderboard Rewards for Faction events are only sent to members of the faction at the moment of event expiration.
Why are some Objectives colored differently?
All events have Primary Objectives which are persistent and shown in blue. Some events have Bonus Objectives that provide a 1-time score reward for completion on top of Primary Objective score. Bonus Objectives are shown at the top of the Objectives List in gold.

Bonus Objectives are randomly selected from a pool and differ from user to user.
Why do some Players and Factions have different events?
To provide the best experience, players and factions are divided into competitive groups for events. Each group has their own event, with potentially unique Milestones, Leaderboard, and Bonus Objectives.