Trainers introduce an element of deep customization to your Roster. Once a Superstar reaches 2-Star rarity, a Trainer is able to be assigned to the Superstar. The Trainer provides unique stat boosts to the Superstar it is assigned to, ranging from Roman Reigns’ ability to reduce red gem damage against your Superstar, to Xavier Woods’ ability to provide your Superstar with more MP charge at the start of the Match! As Superstars are Leveled Up, Enhanced, and Evolved the assigned Trainer's abilities become even more powerful! When a Superstar reaches 3-Star rarity, you will be able to assign two Trainers, increasing your possibilities even more!

Removing a Trainer will require breaking a contract with your Trainer will cost you, so choose your Trainers carefully to boost your Superstars’ strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Combine your Superstar’s Class, Props and Trainers to gain a competitive edge against stronger opponents.