What is a Faction Feud?

A Faction Feud is a limited-time event in which Factions may create Teams of 5 players to Brawl with other Factions.

What is a Brawl?

A Brawl is a timed, 5-vs-5 contest between two Teams from different Factions. Brawls last until your Faction’s Team defeats all opponent Superstars, all Team Superstars are injured, or the Brawl expires.

NOTE: Any Matches completed *after* the Brawl expires do not contribute to Brawl Score.

What is Feud Score?

Feud Score is the sum of all members’ Brawl Scores during a Feud. Engaging in Brawls and scoring Points increases a Faction’s Feud Score. Increase your Feud Score to achieve higher placement on the leaderboard to earn amazing prizes!

How do you Increase Feud Sore?

Deal damage, defeat opponent Superstars, and create match-4’s and match-5’s to score Points!

Example Scoring:

  • Deal 5 Damage = 1 point

  • Defeat a 1-Star Superstar = 500 points

  • Defeat a 2-Star Superstar = 2,500 points

  • Defeat a 3-Star Superstar = 12,500 points

  • Match 4 Gems = 25 points

  • Match 5 Gems = 150 points

Note: Exact scoring may change from Feud to Feud. Check your mail for details on how a specific Feud is scored.

When are Prizes Awarded?

As the end of a Faction Feud, the leaderboard is finalizes and prizes are awarded to each Faction member based on the Faction’s placement. Awards are delivered via Mail within 24-48 hours of the event ending.

Note: Prizes are only awarded to those players that are members of the Faction at the time reward distribution. You need t have participated in at least 1 brawl to be eligible.

What is a Trophy?

A Trophy is a persistent prize that is awarded to the top Factions of a Faction Feud. Trophies will give the Faction who earns it a special buff until the next Faction Feud.