Versus battles are similar to tag-team fights on the road, but now you are battling against other player’s best superstars. Simply pressing on the “Battle” button will begin the matchmaking process and offer the ability to choose a matched opponent. 


Defense Team

You can set your Defense Team from the VS mode hub, and other players will be able to take your team into the ring! 


If your defense team is taken out, you can get your revenge! If you seek Revenge on a player, you will not be able to attack their defense team again for a 1 hour period.


Each tournament has two types of reward paths that you can progress on:

League Prizes

Increasing your notoriety by winning matches will eventually push you into a higher league. All players in a league are rewarded with the same prize at the end of a season, so keep winning to keep advancing into higher leagues to earn better prizes. If your notoriety ends up dropping however, be aware that you can be dropped back into a lower league.

Fame Prizes

Fame is accumulated through rivalry matches against other players and cannot be lost from losing unlike ranking in leagues. Fame prizes often change with each season and offer a steady progression of rewards for simply winning, regardless of your win loss ratio.