*Note* You will need to progress to level 4 before Gauntlet Blitz can be unlocked. Gauntlet mode will not appear in the battle hub if there are no active events.

Assemble teams of the best Superstars in the business to beat down your opponents in Gauntlet Blitz

There are a few things you’ll need to know when building your Gauntlet Team:

  • Superstars actively set as your Gauntlet team cannot be used in your Vs Mode Defense Team.

  • Your Superstars will not be able to heal between Gauntlet matches.

  • Injured Superstars cannot be added to your Gauntlet Team.

  • You can select an auto fill option to fill your Gauntlet Team that will pull from the available Superstars in your roster

To participate in Gauntlet Events, you’ll need to have Gauntlet Tickets!

  • The ticket cost to enter Gauntlet Blitz may vary

  • Tickets will regenerate at the end of every week (up to the limit of 125)

  • Tickets will be available to purchase during the event

The Gauntlet ends when you are victorious, all your Superstars are knocked out, or the timer reaches zero.