Joining A Faction

You can create your own faction or join an existing one. If you haven’t joined a faction already, then you can join up by heading to the faction screen and pressing the “Join” button.

Pressing the arrow to the right of a listed faction will open their profile page, and give you the option to press the “Join” button if they are not already full. The maximum number of a players that can be in a faction at once is 100.

Creating A Faction

If you’re already in a faction, you’ll need to quit it before you can create a new one. As long as you have enough Coins to meet the creation fee, you will be prompted to configure your faction. You will have to choose the name, icon, and headline message. Once you press the “Create” button, your faction will be created.

Faction Perks

Not only do you gain the advantage of Faction chat by joining up with other players, you can request additional help if your Superstars are injured or need healing.

To request a Faction Heal, select the Superstar from your roster who is injured. Tap on the Flip arrows on the recover menu, then select Faction Help.

You can also earn Faction XP to make your faction stronger and earn perks like extra roster slots!

  • Earn Faction XP during matches
  • See who is the strongest with all new Individual and Faction Power Scores
  • Earn all new Faction Tokens to help complete Faction Activities
  • Send gifts to your faction mates with participating purchases!