Any damage your superstars take during a fight will persist after the fight is over, so always be mindful of your health.

As long as your superstar isn’t defeated by being dropped to 0 HP, they will gradually recover HP over time without any cost. If you want to speed this process up, you can spend health packs to completely restore a superstar’s HP. 

If your superstar health is dropped to 0 HP, they will become injured which means they cannot fight until their injury is healed. This process take's an hour and can be seen on the character’s picture on the Roster screen. You can also spend a single health pack to heal the injury and start the healing over time right away.

If you are a member of a faction, you can press the Faction "Chat” button and put up to three requests for superstars to be healed by your faction members. After a certain amount of faction member presses on your request to help, your Wrestler will be recovered from their injury and/or have full health.