Winner of the Day

Winner of the Day is a feature that rewards a player who wins the most cash in a single show within the last day!

There is a 7-day cooldown for the Winner of the Day. If you find your score higher than the daily winner's and wonder why you haven't been crowned, don't worry! Everyone gets a fair shot at being the Winner of the Day, but just once a week. So, keep spinning and enjoy the thrill!

What are the benefits of being the Winner of the Day?

Being crowned the Winner of the Day comes with some amazing perks! Winners and their club members will receive special prizes, and the Winner will be featured on the World Tour Map for all players to see and congratulate. Plus, Winners will receive an exclusive animated frame to show off their status as the day’s top winner!

When does Winner of the Day reset? 

It resets every day at 9 AM Pacific Time. At this time, the previous day’s Winner will be featured on the World Tour Map.

What type of winnings are considered? 

Only Cash earned in Standard Rounds on the World Tour will be considered.

How can I access the feature? 

You can access the Winner of the Day banner from the World Tour Map. It can be found below the World Tour League button. Winner of the Day will be first available in version 3.80 and is only accessible to players on version 3.80 or above.