How to Invite Friends to play the game. (Friends of Fortune):

1. On the main screen, tap the Head to Head button below the Play button.
2. Tap the yellow icon beside the Create Game button. (Icon shows a blue hint image)
3. On the Invite Friends section, you will be able to see some social media buttons or
options on how you can invite your friends to play the game. (Facebook, Twitter,
Direct Message or Share Button)
4. You can invite 10 friends to gain Friends of Fortune points. Reaching certain points
will reward you with the following:

1 friend invited successfully = 100 Diamonds
3 friends invited successfully = 300 Diamonds
10 friends invited successfully = VIP Lifetime Subscription
1 Hint for every successful invite as a bonus

Some important reminders:
- If inviting friends thru Facebook, you need to link your account to Facebook first.
- Invited friends should not have played the game before and don't have any existing Wheel of Fortune game account.
- Invited friends should use your invite link. If your friend did not use the invite link you provided, then it will not count.