You can play a puzzle round by tapping on the "Play" button in the main screen of the game. Each play will cost you 1 Ticket. Once you tap the "Play" button, the puzzle round will start and you will play against some opponent. Quickly solve the puzzle to win the round!
----------- VOWEL / SPIN / SOLVE -----------
When you start a round, you can tap on Spin or Solve. Tapping on the Spin button will have you spin a wheel that has a wedge amount on it. Landing on this wedge will give you the amount of cash based on the number of letters you can guess in the puzzle board. For example, if you landed on a $300 wedge and guessed a letter B and there are two letter B’s on the puzzle board, you will get a total of $600. Be aware that you can also land on Jackpot, Free Play, Multiplier, Surprise, Bankruptcy and Lose a Turn wedges.
Once you have enough cash, you can also choose to purchase a Vowel. You can tap on the "Vowel" button at the left side of the "Spin" button. The prize of the Vowel will start at $500 and will keep increasing the more you purchase a vowel.

----------- WEDGES  -----------
These are wedges that will affect your decision in game.
Bankruptcy wedge will take away all your cash winnings and you will also lose your turn.
Lose a Turn wedge will still keep your cash winnings but you will lose your turn.
Free Play wedge will have you go for another turn even if you guessed the letter wrong. You can also choose a vowel for free.
Jackpot wedge will give you a huge amount of cash but this wedge will be between 2 bankrupt wedges.
Surprise wedge will uncover an unknown cash wedge.
Multiplier wedge will multiply your cash winnings.

Playing a puzzle can be sometimes challenging so having other options to guess a letter on the puzzle board will be helpful. You can use Hints, Golden Hints, Helping Hands and Vowel Blasts to help you solve the puzzle.

Hints will reveal a letter on a puzzle board you selected.
Golden Hints work the same as the regular hints but will give you a $5000 bonus per letter revealed.
Helping Hands will reveal a correct letter on a puzzle board if you incorrectly guessed a letter.
Vowel Blasts will reveal all the Vowels in the puzzle board.

-------- UPGRADING YOUR SPIN -----------
You can upgrade your spin to multiply your cash winnings by tapping on the upgrade buttons below the Spin button. Each upgrade will cost you 1 Spin Upgrade Token and if you don't have enough tokens, it will cost you 25 Diamonds each upgrade.
Cash Value Increase Upgrade: This will upgrade all the cash amount in wedge by double.
Jackpot Upgrade: This will upgrade one wedge to Jackpot wedge and will give you a chance to get $25,000 jackpot.
Prize Wedge Upgrade: This will upgrade a wedge with a prize sticker to give you a chance to win 1000 Diamonds.

You can disable these upgrades by simply tapping on each button again.

Once you are on the bonus round, preselected letters will be up on the board and you need to guess four more letters in the puzzle board (one Vowel and three Consonants). After that, you should solve the puzzle. If you fail to solve the bonus round, you will be given an option to guess again using Diamonds. If you still fail to solve the bonus round, the winnings you got from the puzzle round will be forfeited. Winning the bonus round will reward you with the cash amount you accumulated from the puzzle round + world tour league points + event collectibles and souvenir boxes.