Club perks are special boosts or bonuses that are given to the entire club once they are completed. Earn Club Points to level up your Club. Perks are awarded once the level requirement has been reached.

-------- How to gain Club Points / Lifetime Points ----------
Lifetime points (lightning bolt icon), are points that will be added to your club points and will help your club to level up and gain perks. You can gain lifetime points when you open a club box that can be found mostly in the last box of super spin events. Also, once the club reaches the highest perk level which is level 35, any lightning bolt / lifetime points gained will not be counted anymore.

------- Club Challenge ------
Club challenges are challenges that can be done by the club members. These club challenges will provide extra rewards once you reach a certain tier level.

------ Club perks -------
Once you reach a certain level in the club, you can unlock certain perks for the club. You can view these perks by tapping on Social > Clubs. Tap the arrow below the club name and you'll see all the perks that can be unlocked.