Clubs is a social feature that will allow players to join an existing club or create a new club. Clubs are made for an additional social element in the game.
Requirement: Level 30
-------- Joining Club ----------
To join an existing club, you can tap on "Social" > "Clubs". After that, a new screen will appear in the Clubs section where you can "Join", "Search" or "Create a Club". You can search for the available club on the list or type in the name of the club you wanted to join. Please know that if you already join a club, you need to leave your current club first before joining a new one.
-------- Leaving Club ----------
To Leave a club, tap on "Clubs" > Tap on the Arrow button below the "Members" section. After that, you'll see a red door button at the top right corner of the screen. Tapping the red button will leave your current club. Leaving your club won't carry over the lifetime points to the new club and there is no option to transfer it to the new club and will revert to zero. These points are essential for a club to level up and gain perks and all points you can accumulate if you are a member of a club will be for that particular club only.

-------- Creating New Club ----------

To Create a new club, tap on "Social" > "Clubs" > "Create" button. Enter a club name, choose club image, and club privacy type. Creating a new club will also cost 10 Diamonds. You can choose a free club image among the selection upon creating a club but if you choose a premium club image, it will cost an extra 500 Diamonds. Club names can only consist of numbers and letters and must be within 4 to 12 characters and should not consist of any inappropriate words to avoid being banned from the game.

-------- Private vs Public Club ----------
Private clubs are clubs that will not be displayed in the available lists of clubs when players are searching for clubs. You can only join private clubs if you are personally invited by the club members while Public clubs are displayed in a public list and anyone can join instantly.

-------- Invite Club Members ----------
You can invite club members by tapping on Social > Clubs. You can see an Invite button below the Club information. After that, you can see a list of players you can invite. If you want to invite a certain player, you need to view their profile and tap on the "Invite" button right beside their username.