The Season Pass is a new feature that presents the player with a suite of rewards that can be earned by completing a set of daily rotating quests. The Season Pass has both a free track and a paid track, each of which contains its own set of prizes. The free track is earned by all players, while the paid track is earned only by those who purchase the Pass.

Purchasing the Pass will unlock Premium prizes which the free track does not offer.

Whenever Season Pass is running, the icon will appear on the World Tour Screen alongside all other currently running events.

Season Passes are always tied into the month when they are released. So technically, there is a new Season Pass per month. They are not the same as the VIP Pass where players get them running for 30 days straight until renewal. It is best to complete the quests/ board immediately if players aren't able to buy the Pass during the month's first few days. All unclaimed rewards will be sent automatically to the game inbox when a new Season Pass starts next month. 
When you view the Premium Season Pass window, you will see items surrounding the animated frame like Diamonds, Golden Hints, Helping Hands, Vowel Blasts, etc. However,  you will not be able to collect these rewards instantly. The purpose of showing them is to let you know you can win up to that number of Diamonds, for example, if you avail yourself of the Pass.  Players will still have to earn these items by completing the Pass Quests, and they are not given automatically when you purchase the Pass.
Aside from unlocking the premium rewards, you will also receive 500 Diamonds, Faster Ticket Recharge for the entire Season Pass, and an exclusive gift box to your club members!

Important Reminders!
- Season Pass does not stack, you can only purchase once per season.
- The pool of rewards might change each season.
- Club gift boxes should be claimed by your club members before the Season Pass ends to avoid loss of rewards.