World Champions is an event designed for players who have completed all available destinations.
These players will compete to rank on this exclusive leaderboard which tracks how much cash players earn during the event. The more you earn, the higher you rank. Each event will take place in a previous location, starting in New York. Don't worry, you're not getting sent back to previous destinations, you're only competing for the Champion title of that city and to have your name engraved on it on the trophy for all to see!
At the end of each event, there will be an interactable statue placed on the map of a specified destination, which contains a permanent list of the top-performing players during that specific event. The statues will live permanently on the map, so that all players, including those who have not yet completed all destinations, will be able to interact with them to view the list of top players.
Players who haven't yet completed all destinations won't be able to compete in World Champions, but they will still be able to tap on the World Champions icon at the top of the World Tour Screen to take a look at the leaderboard and see who's playing and where they rank.
Due to the implementation of the World Champions Icon we've shifted a few other icons around. So the Inbox Envelope which used to live at the top of the World Tour Screen has moved to the menu on the right-hand side, along with Free Rewards Theater and Piggy Bank. Clubs access has moved into the Social tab in the menu at the bottom of the screen. So just tap Social, then Clubs to get to your Club.


 How can I join World Champions?

You will be eligible to join the World Champions once you reached the current maximum level (The requirement will change if the maximum level increases).