Millionaire Mile is a brand new feature for all you Wheelers to enjoy!

Work your way up Millionaire Mile by moving through each space and completing the challenges to move from Board to Board. Once you've completed the Board you're in, you'll move to the next one, then the next one, and the next one! Each Board has themed tasks - for example, all the spaces on Board 1 may have challenges related to cash wins from shows or from tournaments. Click on each space to see what the challenge is.

Complete as many as you can before the timer runs out! Because once it does, the game will then reset for a new round to begin again from Board 1. The game resets every week, but don't worry, you'll get a notification to let you know when it's ending soon.

Prizes? Sure! As you move through the spaces, some (but not all) of them will provide rewards once you've completed the challenge. Keep an eye out for the Chase or Super Chase Prizes at the end of the Boards - that's where the really good stuff is.


As soon as you complete a challenge, you can check back in Millionaire Mile to see what your rewards are. Unlike Super Spin Events, you don't have to wait till the end to claim your prizes.


Excited? Go check it out!!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many boards are there in Millionaire Mile?
A: It's infinite! You finish as much as board and spaces you want!


Q: Will there be profile frames that can be won on Millionaire Mile?
A: The rewards you can get from Millionaire Mile is completely random and can vary from timed commodities, tickets, or even a profile frame.


Q: How to unlock the Shoppers' Bazaar?
A: Once you complete the 1st space on the first board, the Shoppers' Bazaar will be unlocked.


Q: Why does my cash winning on the tournament is not being registered?
A: Please know that every space and board has its requirements. If the requirement is winning cash from shows, it won't register the cash you won in tournaments unless it is stated.