Spin upgrade is a feature that allows you to improve the wheel outcomes when playing shows by activating upgrades before you spin.

On the wheel screen, before you tap Spin in the normal show before actually spinning the wheel, there are new upgrade buttons below the SPIN button each represented with an icon. If you tap on each upgrade button, your wheel will upgrade to better prizes and the Spin Upgrade token will be deducted from your account. If you have no available Spin Upgrade tokens, you can still upgrade your spin using Diamonds. Each upgrade will cost you 1 Spin Upgrade token for each upgrade or 25 Diamonds up to a maximum of 3 Spin Upgrade tokens or 75 Diamonds for each upgrade per spin.


CASH VALUE INCREASE Upgrade: (Represented by Dollar Icon)
This will upgrade all the cash amount in wedge by double.

JACKPOT WEDGE Upgrade: (Represented by Jackpot Wedge Icon)
This will upgrade one wedge to Jackpot wedge and will give you a chance to get $25,000 jackpot.

PRIZE WEDGE Upgrade: (Represented by Prize Sticker Icon)
This will upgrade a wedge with a prize sticker to give you a chance to win 1000 Diamonds.

To avoid the game costing you Diamonds or Spin Upgraded tokens, you can disable these upgrades by simply tapping on each button again. If they are highlighted, it means that the upgrade is enabled. If you tap the upgrade again, it will disable the upgrade.


Q: I'm not getting 1000 Diamonds from the Prize Wedge Upgrade or the $25,000 Jackpot from the Jackpot Upgrade. Why is that?
A: Getting the 1000 Diamonds from the Prize Wedge Upgrade and $25,000 from the Jackpot Upgrade is chance-based. It is not guaranteed that you will get 1000 Diamonds but there is a possibility.

Q: Why I am only seeing 99 Spin Upgrade tokens? I have more than that!
A: Currently, the game can only display a maximum of 99 Spin Upgrade tokens as it is the maximum value that can fit into the game layout but be assured that your tokens are being counted properly. You can contact our Support team if you wanted to know your current number of tokens.