In the Free Rewards Theater, you can choose what items you want to earn by watching the required number of videos listed next to each item! Below are the rewards that you can choose to receive:
10 Diamonds (requires 1 video)

1h Unlimited Ticket (requires 5 videos)

1 Helping Hand (requires 3 videos)

1 Spin Upgrade Token (requires 1 video)

1 Gold Box (requires 5 videos)


Important Note: Each item requires a number of ads to watch. For example, 10 Diamonds only require 1 ad while 1 Helping Hand requires 3 ads to watch. You can only watch 5 ads per day so use them on the items you want to receive. After watching 5 videos, you'll get 25 Diamonds as a bonus.

- You can also view Tapjoy offers by pressing "Earn Diamonds" at the bottom of the page.