World Tour games operate most similarly to the legendary TV Show. Each game, you'll be presented with a blank set of boxes, each representing a letter. Every turn, you'll be allowed to spin the wheel for a potential prize. You'll then get a chance to guess a letter that's on the board. Guess right, and the prize is yours! Guess wrong, you lose the award.
Just like in the show, if you guess a letter correctly, you'll get another turn, and another, until you guess incorrectly. Each turn, you'll also have a chance to solve the puzzle by spelling out the entire phrase. If you solve it correctly, you'll get to keep 100% of your prizes and get a bonus round for extra rewards!

Win big and collect the Diamonds, Dollars, and Souvenirs to unlock new Destinations. Travel the world! See what new and hidden destinations you can visit! Go for the big win in Wheel of Fortune!