There are several types of wedges on the Wheel of Fortune. Know which ones to avoid and which to hope for!
  • Money: Everyone loves money! This adds to your total if you pick a winning letter. Choose carefully!
  • Bankrupt: The absolute worst. You lose all of your money and your turn.
  • Lose a Turn: You lose your turn, but thankfully you get to hold onto your money.
  • Free Play: Land on this and you can select a free vowel or consonant and go again, right or wrong!
  • Three-in-One: It’s a big money sandwich! A huge dollar wedge is caught between two bankrupts!
  • Surprise: Who knows what you’ll find inside, will it be dollars, souvenirs or diamonds?
  • Multiplier: Math is fun when your score multiplies. Land on this wedge and your score will multiply. Still at zero and it’ll count as a dollar value wedge.