There are multiple commodities in Wheel of Fortune. It’s important to know what they’re used for so that you can get the most out of them. Here’s what they are:
The most valuable commodity in the game! Diamonds allow you to access or retry the bonus puzzle when things haven’t gone your way, and to enter special tournaments.
Showcase Letters can be used to complete words in a Prize Plan. Once you have collected all the letters to complete a word for the Prize Plan, you can redeem new game play bonuses! (Example: Bankruptcy Protection, Increased Ticket Regeneration)  You can find more details in Vanna's Showcase section. With the latest update, you can now purchase Letters in the form of Packs, Boxes and Crates to get those few letters you need for prize plans!
Used to enter shows. You’ll get a limited number of tickets everyday, so make every game count! If you want to get more tickets within a day, then you can buy more tickets with diamonds.
On each new destination in the world tour, you can earn Souvenirs unique to that destination. Some are common, while others are extremely rare. Each time you have collected all the souvenirs for that destination you collect rewards such as Passports, Frames and Diamonds!
Subscriptions is an automatic renewing monthly subscription that will unlock new content once a user has enrolled. (Examples: Ticket Cap Increase or Bankruptcy protection!)