What are Clubs?
Clubs is a social feature that will allow players to join and create new clubs! Increase your club level by earning Club Points. You can gain Club Points by completing World Tour shows receive Weekly Challenge Tier rewards, completing select Tournaments and Fast Plays and Donating Letters to other Club Members.
The more you increase your Club level, the more Club Perks you will unlock!
How do you leave a club?
You can leave a club by tapping Clubs button on the main menu, then tapping Members. Once you have done so you will see a red button near the top right, tapping this will leave your current Club.

What are Perks?
Perks are special boosts or bonuses that are given to the entire club once they are completed. Earn Club Points to level up your Club. Perks are awarded once the level requirement has been reached.
What is Newsfeed?
Newsfeed will allow Club Members to view the recent activity within your club. Such as players joining or leaving the club, promotion or demotions, donating and requesting Letter Cards.
What is Weekly Challenge?
Play through the World Tour and complete shows to climb through your Weekly Challenge. Complete each tier to earn Club Points and other awesome rewards! Each week your club will have a new challenge.
What are the Colors around Members names?
The color around these members names represent their rank for Weekly Challenge Contributions. The more shows you complete, the higher the rank you will obtain!