Ever want to create your own puzzle and challenge your friends? Now you can!

With Create a Puzzle you can write in your Puzzle and share it with Facebook, Email, or Text Message!

You can find this new feature by clicking the Puzzle Maker button at the bottom of the main screen. From there you can click Make a Puzzle. When you click Make a Puzzle you can select the Category and type in your Puzzle.

For more information about the Categories, be sure to check out our Category FAQ!

Creating and sharing your own Puzzle

Want to create your own puzzle and share it with your friends? Here's how:

1. On the main screen, tap the Social button below the Play Button.
2. Tap the Puzzle Maker button.
3. Tap the Make a Puzzle button.
4. Select your desired category, then tap Next.
5. Type in the answer to your Puzzle, then tap Submit.

After successfully creating the Puzzle, you'll see a Puzzle Code that you can share with your friends. You can tap the Facebook Message or Text Message to send the code directly or manually provide the code to your friends.

Tap the Finish button once you are done.

Important Reminder!
- You need to link your Facebook account to the game if you are using the Facebook Message button to send
the code to your friends.
- Inappropriate words and phrases are strictly prohibited as they can cause your account to be banned from
the game.